Home Security Tips For Urban Homes

A secure home is a must. After all, unless you feel safe and sound in your own house, how can you possibly call it your home? But this sense of security doesn’t come without a little work. Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to make your urban home more secure and safe.

  • Enforce the first line of defense – Whether it’s an apartment, studio, condo or town house, the first thing you have to make sure, is having proper doors and windows. Sturdy doors and windows can minimize breaking ins, as most times, the burglars don’t want to put a lot of effort breaking in. Get the heavier kind that cannot be kicked in for best results.
  • Layer on the protection – An alarm system is a must to any home now-a-days. Make sure yours is functioning, and up to date. You can add additional layers of security through secondary (and louder) alarms. Opt for battery or solar powered ones, as they’d work even in a power cut or black out.
  • Lights, and plenty of it – Most break ins can be prevented by taking the precaution of adding extra lights to brighten your home. No burglar wants to be spotted, so will prefer to be shrouded in the darkness. Motion detecting light, in our opinion, is ideal here.
  • Be one with modern the tech – Don’t be afraid to embrace the modern technology; especially if it means a secure home. From alarms, to mobile app controlled lights and cameras, you have plenty of choices to choose from.
  • Be mindful of the other entrances – Your home may have more entrances than you think. If you live in an apartment, your balcony windows and fire escape staircases are also potential entry points. Make sure they are properly put away after use so it can’t be taken advantage of.
  • Avoid large, see through windows that draw attention – Avoid tempting the potential burglars for condo for sale in Bangkok. Most times, a wide, see through window showcasing all the goods is temptation enough. Take the precaution of installing bars over your windows, and at the very least, make proper use of your curtains.
  • Don’t advertise your holidays – If there’s one modern habit that exasperates us, it’s how we announce an empty home by sharing our holidays plans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condo_hotel (and most times, in detail too!) in social media platforms. Avoid doing so; this too can be a potential opening for burglars and break ins. If you really want to talk about your holidays, try to do so after you get back; or at the very least, stop doing so publicly.