The Hotel Experience: Luxury Hotels Around The World

Countries like Dubai are well known for the luxurious appointments of their hotels. However, it is no longer the only place that boasts such luxury. Other countries around the world also have their own fine properties so here is a quick look at some of the ones that we don’t hear of that often.

Hong Kong

Located in South East Asia and influenced by Chinese culture, Hong Kong is nevertheless a country unto its own with its own unique brand of luxury. There are many fine hotels along the coast that boast ridiculously comfortable rooms and every other kind of facility you can imagine, such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis, 24-hour room service etc. Hotels like the Harbour Grand have dazzling views stretching across a number of the islands that belong to Hong Kong and the best part is that the accommodation booking online makes everything so much easier.


Caught in the middle of the ideological East and West, Turkey is a mix of both cultural influences. Modern-day Turkey has many fine hotels but some of the best ones are actually housed in centuries old mansions and palaces, built by Sultans and other nobility. The Turkish bath is an actual thing in these hotels – these sulphuric pools are great for curing skin diseases and invigorating it. Turkish architecture is all about letting the light and air in so buildings have wide open corridors and latticed windows. Thanks to the wonders of Hong Kong hotel booking guests can once again re-live the old days of the Sultans and Sultanas.


The land of the Nile and the pyramids, Egypt has a high tourist count, and the hotels to match. Most of its luxury hotels are part of international chains, but some of the locally owned ones are built in the shape of dreamy, ‘Arabian Nights’ style palaces with domed roofs. Despite being a mostly dry country, these places have huge pools and plenty of space so it is a great location for children. As a way station for travellers since the days of the Silk Route, Egypt has absorbed many multicultural influences so the food is especially spectacular. Do not forget to request a shisha if you ever make it out there; you can smoke it in the shade of the pyramids.


With its heavy Spanish influence, most hotels in Colombia tend to look like villas or Spanish-style houses. The tropical climate made it more practical for houses to be open to the environment, with a cooling breeze flowing through the brick and stone walls. Some modern luxury hotels are modelled after this pattern while others conform to the skyscraper look. Either way, Colombian architecture and luxury is very different from any other country. The music is hot and heavy Latin music, while the many different talented native painters are usually on display.