Amazing Australian Adventure Tours:

Looking for a sun bask or to watch the sunset along the white sandy beach or hiking on the mountains or mouth- watering BBQ meat or to taste the delicious wine from the Barossa valley? There is all in one solution for all your queries; yes it is a custom made tour package to Australia, especially to Australian Outback. 

Types of tour packages:

Adelaide to Alice Sprigs is a trip that will stay on your memory for ever. The entire tour takes approximately 6 days. The best and experienced tour operator is aware of the perfect program to offer its customers. Each day is different, activities that thrills you. A visit to the vineyard, historical town sides and crossing the amazing Alligator Gorge filled with wild flowers. The second day is another surprise that awaits you. Changed landscape, wild life such as Kangaroo, are things that you come across along the Coober Pedy. The museum and the underground mine are further attractions. The Kangaroo orphanage is another wonderful place to visit.

This type of tour last for six days seeing passing various historical and natural places.

Kangaroo Island Wild Life Adventure:

Kangaroo Island Wild Life Adventure is another custom made package that cannot be simply avoided. When you are participating in the Kangaroo Island tour, you will be amazed to see the wildlife this place offer. An amazing connection with the nature.To get to the island, a drive along the coastal line and then a 45 minute ferry ride would be arranged by the tour consultant. It is a crime if you miss taking your camera as there are sceneries that you cannot miss photographing. The beautiful Sandy beach filled with Sea Lions and at seldom intervals you get to see the dolphins.
At the end of the day, you enjoy a BBQ dinner and you are transferred to the accommodation located in the National Park area.

A fresh morning the next day, again which will throw away all your worries. Hiking through the island’s trails along with the hopping kangaroos and resting Kuala on the gum tree. Also there are a couple of spots where you can swim around such as Stokes Bay, Vivonne Bay, and Hanson Bay in search of the huge leafy sea dragon.The Kangaroo Island tours comprises of activities of diversified nature. After seeing the beach, the wildlife, we arrive at the dunes of the Sahara deserts for surfboarding. Quad bike riding is another fun-filled activity, if you are interested in doing so.Some of the tour operators in this region are well aware of the weather conditions or any other changes that may affect the tour. Therefore they are very careful in their scheduling. They always ensure that trained tour guides accompany you throughout the tour so that they can guide you and make you feel comfortable.

The packages can be custom made as per your requirement. They are cost effective and very flexible. So don’t miss the opportunity of taking the Australian outback adventure! This amazing tour will refresh you and retain in your mind for a long time.