Camping Essentials That You Need To Be Aware Of For First Time

When going camping for the first time, it is a nervous yet excited venture that you want to enjoy. This feeling still resides after you have done camping for a long time. But first time campers might have to be aware of many things that they are not used to on a regular base when compared to veteran campers. You will need to have your essentials covered as it is not possible to just ask for a spare one from another camper.

Sleeping bag or pad

One of the main items that you need to have with you is the sleeping ware. Whether it is a sleeping bag or a sleeping pad, it needs to be purchased from an authorized dealer and also be branded. The sleeping bag and the tent are the two main items that you cannot be hesitant about with money. The sleeping bag can make your time camping either hell or heaven. There are the cushioned ones and self heating ones, so do your research and pick the one with the best reviews and fits into your budget.


Second most important part of camping is the tent. A good tent will keep you safe from the rough weathers and also make sure that you are aware of what is going outside. There are tents differentiated by the material it is made, the amount of luxuries it hosts and the amount of people that can fit inside. It is recommended to buy the sleeping bag first so you can buy a tent that can fit the sleeping bag inside it. A tent that can fit your gear, bikes and other equipment should be the one you invest in. Whether it is tours to Blue Mountains from Sydney or trekking the Himalayas, the tent is one of your lifelines.


If you plan on doing something like the tours to Blue Mountains from Sydney, then you have to be prepared for overnight stays sometimes. And in the case of night time, lights are something that is essential. There are solar powered new inventions that you can use as lamps that run for more than ten hours straight. These are much more comfortable to keep with as they do not need battery replacements or getting wet does not do the wiring any harm. Going for waterproof LED lamps and additional batteries (if you are not going for the solar power version) is recommended for survival.

Wherever it is that you are camping, make sure to stick to the trail. It does not matter where it is in the world, but the trail will be the only place you are truly safe at.