Wedding Celebrations Are Different From Fairy Tale Weddings


During the beginning of time when people learned of fashion everything about a wedding is like a fairy tale. Everything about a fairy tale wedding is neat and proper from a hair clip of the bride to the stockings of a flower girl. Hence each and every person had a colour coded dressing to be done and everything was prim and proper nothing was out of ordinary. When a wedding is announced and dates are fixed the planning takes place with the utmost detail to everything even the salad dressing. Nothing is misplaced and there are wedding organizers who would look in to all this to make sure that the proper planned fairy tale wedding takes place. However since of late there has been a change in the way things are done in wedding planning.

Changes that made uniqueness to weddings

People always want something unique about their wedding. It is not a trend setter you just want it to be yours and not copied or shared by anyone. Rustic weddings in Melbourne are such that people plan it in their own way. They make it in different style there is nothing prim and proper about it. It is a mix of emotional setting. Some people use everything from their childhood as wedding decorations and make as much as homely and unique as possible. Moreover everything you can relate to something in your life.

The settings of rustic weddings are always something closer to your heart. A childhood memory or a place where he couple met for the first time or something that is theirs only that it could not be copied by others. Having created a memory for your wedding and making the other settings based on that will bring a emotional connection to the wedding. These weddings are always organized either from a childhood memory or from something to do with the couple. But when they organize with both childhood memory and couple memory then there will be a connection to both from childhood. Get to know a place that can be a wedding venue as well as a place for accommodation over here

Why the sudden difference in the wedding style?

You wonder why people changed from the extravagant wedding planning and organizing to such low scale wedding planning and organizing. It is due to the main factor that is the cost of a wedding. Extravagant weddings cost more since the planning and organizing are handed over to some experts who charge you more than what you can manage. However low scale weddings are good and cost effective since planning and organizing are done by both families since the wedding will be based on something that the families could manage with. Moreover people have become very emotional and they want their roots to be solid therefore using the wedding to make it a family occasion and enjoy the moment to make better memories.