Why You Should Visit North America?

North America has not always been on fore front of travelling but it has always been a travelling destination for many. Due to the fact it is privileged with the existence of National Parks and Soaring Mountain ranges that makes it look like heaven on earth. Although the big countries – Canada, USA and Mexico take the limelight in North America we tend to forget Cuba – who can be remembered for,

“Astonishing Spanish colonial construction, stunning white sandy coasts, trolled cigars, antique ancient cars and well-known cocktails anticipate the daring itinerant looking forward to discovering the Caribbean’s major land mass. Amble lengthways the highways of Old Havana, learn the creation of Ernest Hemingway, change into the salsa beat in the clubs of Trinidad or relish a beach holiday on Cayo Largo – no matter wherever you go, Cuba will attract you into its course and endure persistently in your minds.” Cuba holiday packages is something you must search for your next vacation.

The experience Cuba will give not be able to define in words. Coming back to the main countries, USA’s Yellowstone National Park is something you should not miss. It has a forest and large areas of grassland. Not to forget the bounty of lakes, streams, rivers and waterfalls. Visit this link http://www.experiencecuba.com.au/ for more info on experience Cuba.

The city of Las Vegas is a place where memories that will last a life time are made. The flamboyant part of America includes casinos, hotels and what not. Alaska, home to the great mountain peaks of America. You may find it the most beautiful place in all of America.

The Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco will be thing not to miss in America. The charm and culture of San Francisco is immense it also boast the largest China Town outside of Asia.

The Grand Canyon is natural wonder in USA that has featured in many Hollywood films. Hiring a jeep from with the aid of a tourist guide will help you experience one of the best of America.

Heading north of USA you will find great country of Canada. Canada boasts of the city of Vancouver. It has made it to top the list of world’s most livable city. If you ever visit Canada you must visit, the Canadian Rockies where you will be able to experience many national parks in one place. The national parks in Canada boasts of the splendid Lake Louise and biggest national park in the Rockies is Jasper where you have a great walking path while enjoying the best of sceneries. Most of the mountain peaks covered with snow giving you an amazing view of the mountain ranges.

North America is a continent less spoken on many travel blogs but a continent that is equal with great places to visit.